7 Very Low Investment Business Ideas in India 2022 

7 Very Low Investment Business Ideas in India 2022 

Nowadays it is not so easy for everyone to get a job, but every person wants to start his own business with a little money and want to feed himself with his own business. But he knows that this is not possible because doing business requires a lot of money.

If you are thinking the same way, then you are wrong. Because business can be started with very little money, we will tell you such business ideas along with in this article. Which you can start with very little capital, so let’s start this article without delay.

1. Mango pickle making business

The business of making mango pickle is a great business because in almost all the houses in our country, pickle is consumed with food, there are many people who do not eat food without pickle. In such a situation, doing pickle business is a profitable deal, in which you only have to make a high quality mango pickle which can give life to the food. Then after that no one will be able to stop your business.

Women are experts in making mango pickle at home, women have all kinds of information about mango pickle, what are the things needed in making mango pickle and also its recipe should be different. needed.

2. flour mill business

You can also start the business of flour mill from home itself, in this you will not even need to take much tension. To start this business, you will also be able to start with minimum investment. This business can be a high earning business for you with less investment.

For this business, you should have 100 to 200 square feet of land, otherwise you can also take it on rent, you should have proper electricity and light facility in flour mill business.

3. Open cyber cafe

Cyber ​​Cafe – This is such a place where you go and fill any kind of exam form, there will be many such shops around your house where online work will be done. If you also want to do business by opening a similar cyber café, then you can do it easily, for this you should have computer and online facility. In Cyber ​​Cafe, you can earn money by doing photo copying or typing work

4. Papad making business at home

Friends, if you are expert in making papads and you want to do business of selling papads, then you can do this business easily at low cost, for this, only the cost of making papads will be your investment. But for the business of papad, you have to make more and more papad and keep it in stock.

If you do not want to keep it in stock, then you can make papad on order on the order of papad and reach it to the people. Keep it in stock.

5. Teach yoga

In today’s time, learning and teaching yoga is very much in vogue, which is done to stay fit so that the body remains healthy and fit. If you are also interested in teaching yoga, then you can start yoga classes at your home, in which you can train the people around you and build your base.

6. Tiffin service business

The business of tiffin service is also a profitable business, by which you can easily earn money, this business is mostly done by women because they enjoy cooking and cooking and feeding people, due to which women remain ahead in this business. It is not that men can easily do the business of tiffin service and spread their business.

Talking about earning in this business, it makes you a good profit in less investment, but in this you have to invest in the beginning and also make a list of vegetables to eat according to your customers, then start your business accordingly. can proceed.

7. sewing knitting business

Sewing knitting business is a very active business in today’s time because in today’s time everyone likes to wear designer clothes, due to which sewing and knitting work is very much in vogue.

Any woman or man can do this work sitting at home, in this you can earn good money by satisfying your customers in less investment.

[ Conclusion ]

Friends, I hope that you have liked this article of mine very much and with the help of this article you must have known all those business ideas which can be started in minimum cost. If you have liked any one of these ideas and if you want to start working on it, then do tell in the comment box.

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