Top 8 Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2022

Top 8 Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2022

Friends, if you want to do digital marketing and for that you want to know which Digital Marketing Tools are the best, then in this article we will tell you which Digital Marketing Tools are best for you and which Digital Marketing Tools you should use. should do. So to know, stay with the article till the end and let’s start the article.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics Tracker is a free to use in which you can see all the information related to the traffic of the website.

Ajit will get all the information related to the visitors and station by sending it here, using which you can see which user or customer stays in your website for how long.

Or who visits which pages and you will get a lot of needy information inside Google Analytics which is absolutely free of cost a Google product.

2 . SEMRush

Digital Marketing Tools

This is a tool using which you can write better blog posts that too on better topics because using this tool you can choose the topics of the block.

Using this, you can do blog ranking, keyword analysis, analytics and many more things.

But the most important thing is that SEMRush is a paid tool. Its price is around ₹7000 per month.Digital Marketing 

3. Facebook Business Manager & Facebook Insights

If you want to run your AIDS in Facebook, then you must definitely use this flower.

Using this tool, you can find out which audience will be right for your ad and which audience will show the ad to you, then you will get to see the best results.

If you use this application properly then it is a very big application in itself.

Using this tool, whoever is the admin of a Facebook page can see how his audience is interacting with his pages and what we should show them so that we can get maximum benefit.

4 . Google Search Console

This is such a tool of digital marketing where you can see how your website is performing in search engines.

Using the stool, you can see in which keywords your website is ranking on the search engines. This tool also tells a few more things.

Like whether sitemap is submitted in your website or not and how many external and internal links are there in your website which is an important tractor for digital marketing. It is a Google product.

Using which we can run advertisement of our business in Google search engine and in YouTube.

By using this tool, we can run total 2 types of advertisements out of which first is search advertisement and second is search advertisement.

Display advertising and using it can increase the awareness of your business and also collect leads for your business.

This tool is absolutely free of cost but if you run advertisement inside it then you have to pay for it.Digital Marketing. 

5. Google Ads

If you have not heard the name of this dust yet, then you have not disturbed marketing because it is such a tool in which you can do almost everything related to world marketing such as :-

  • keyword analysis
  • competitor analysis
  • organic keyword ranking
  • backlink analysis
  • content analysis

The most important thing about the stool is that this tool is also very expensive which costs around ₹7000 to ₹8000 per month.

6. Google Keyword Planner

If you have used Google Ads before then you must be aware of Google Keyword Planner because or Google Ad is only a small part of it but it can be used in some other way too.

You can use Google Keyword Planner in keyword analysis, and most of the external tools modify the data of Google Keyword Planner and show it in a different format and in the engaging format.

Overall Google is a keyword planner tool but if you use it through any other big tool then you will have to pay money. This tool is also a very important tool that we use in search engine optimization and running Google ads.

7. Grammarly

If you have grammatical and spelling mistakes in writing English, then by using this tool you can get rid of both these weaknesses.

Some part of this tool is free which you can use and if you take its premium then you will get to see many more features which can prove to be good for you.

8. Mailchimp

If you want to do email marketing then you can use this tool because this tool is free up to some limit.

And that limit is so high that in the basic level, you will not need more limit than that, but if your business grows further.

Then you can expand that limit and do more email marketing on Paid format, which will prove to be very beneficial for your business.

This is a very popular tool for beginners to email marketing. So you too can take advantage of using it.

And can make your business or email marketing even more effective

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