How to find the transaction ID in Bybit

Transaction Id (TxID), also known as transaction hash (Tx Hash) is a unique string of alphanumerics that acts as an identifier for blockchain transactions.

This identifier helps to view the details and status of the transactions taking place on the blockchain.

How to find the transaction ID (TxID) in Bybit?

To find the transaction ID (TxID) in Bybit, you need to go to the wallet «Spot«.

Then click on «Record”, followed by “Details”.

Now you can copy the TxID.

Alternatively, you can go to the blockchain explorer corresponding to the crypto asset and enter your Bybit deposit address or recipient withdrawal address to find the transaction ID and transaction details.

  • Steps to find Transaction ID (TxID) in Bybit
  • Steps to find Transaction ID (TxID) on Bybit Mobile App

Steps to find Transaction ID (TxID) in Bybit

  1. Gonna “Spot«
  2. Click on “Record«
  3. Click on “Details«
  4. Copy TxID

1. Go to «Spot»

Login to your Bybit account by entering your credentials or via instant login.

After logging in, hover over «Means» located in the upper right corner of the web page.

Then click on «Spot«.

2. Click «Record”

Clicking Spotyou will be in the section Spot of your bybit account.

Spot wallet is the main wallet on Bybit. Each transaction is carried out in «Spot» by default.

On this page, you will see some options including Deposit, Withdrawal, Transfer, History and orders.

Since you are looking for TxID, you need to click «Record”.

3. Click «Details”

after clicking in Historyyou will see the transaction history recent for deposits, withdrawals, internal transfers, fiat deposits, P2P, bit conversion plus.

But you only have to focus on the two tabs including: Deposit Y Withdraw.

Both tabs «Deposit” What “Withdrawal” have filters that include currency state Y date.

This means you can filter recent transfers according to your needs.

Once you find the recent transfer entry for which you want to see the transaction ID, you need to click on «Details”.

4. Copy TxID

You will now be able to see the deposit or withdrawal address and the transaction ID (TxID) of the particular transaction you have selected.

To copy the TxID, click the “Copy” icon.

Steps to find Transaction ID (TxID) on Bybit Mobile App

  1. Touch «Means”
  2. Touch «Spot»
  3. touch the icon “Transaction history«
  4. Copy TxID/Tx Hash

1. Touch «Means”

Open the Bybit mobile app.

At the bottom of the mobile screen, you can see some options.

Touch «Means”

2. Touch «Spot»

after touching Spotyou can see your wallet balance.

At the top of this page, there should be many options available. From this, you must touch “Spot”.

3. Touch the icon “Transaction history«

In the “Spot” tab, you can see all your resources.

In addition, you must touch the “Transaction history” icon.

4. Copy TxID/Tx Hash

Now, Bybit shows the details of the selected transaction.

Details include type, amount, status, time, deposit address, and transaction hash/transaction ID.

To copy the transaction hash / transaction ID, tap the “Copy” icon.


In Bybit, you can find Transaction Id (TxID) / Transaction Hash (Tx Hash) in the «Record” in the section “Spot«.

Alternatively, you can find the TxID of your transaction in the blockchain explorer.

To do this, copy any of the crypto deposit addresses in your Bybit account and paste it into the «search box» in the blockchain explorer.

With TxID, you can see all the details of your transaction. Also, in order to contact customer support regarding any transaction issues, you need to know the Transaction ID (TxID) / Transaction Hash (Tx Hash).

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