How to buy gold bars in Spain in 2022

The cyclical economic crises suffered by the global financial system and the world recession process in which we are currently involved have caused the value of gold to increase not only in terms of price, but also as insurance. Indeed, since ancient times gold has been thethe best tool to protect yourself of market falls, since its value, except on rare occasions when it collapses, always remain unchanged as it is a precious metal that cannot be produced at will, as is the case with money or other forms of payment.

As can be expected, buying gold is not a low-cost operation, far from it, and it is not within the reach of all pockets. However, if you ever get a chance to get your hands on a few kilograms of this metal, it will be a future investment which no one will regret.

Where and how to buy gold?

Although it is not a product that any user can afford, buying gold is not a difficult task, since it can be found in many places. In Spain, both specialized online stores and physical stores will be valid to get the amount we want. As for the format, although it is possible to find it in coins, jewels and even virtual, ingot is presented as the safest optionsince it increases its value as a financial investment product, it is easy to transport and store and any individual or entity will recognize it as valid to use it as payment.

Currently Spaniards can access the purchase of gold through stores such as, or Andorrano Jewelry stores. Here you can find this precious metal in various formats to choose from the one with the most benefits.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying gold

Investing in gold as a financial asset carries the same risk as any type of market operation. Of course, the benefits to be gained when it is successful are especially good-naturedwhich is why it is so interesting for some users.


The first and great advantage of gold is that there is no other element like this metal that has such a safe haven against financial problems. Owning gold means having guarantee of economic subsistence.

Secondly, for those financial professionals, gold is an investment different from the others, which is why it can be the ideal product for branch out the different businesses.

The third advantage is that, although the price of this metal may decrease momentarily, its short-term increase is guaranteed, so there will always be a revaluation behind a fall. It is a safe value.

Finally, gold is an asset with very easy to buy and sellso negotiating with him is not a problem, in addition to the interest he arouses in times of crisis.


The main disadvantage of gold is that it must be physically guarded with great care. If you don’t have an efficient security system, the risk of assault and robbery is real.

Final advice when buying gold

If we have convinced ourselves to invest in gold, these last tips will come in handy for don’t fall for any scam regrettable.

First of all, find an establishment safe and reliable of sale will be essential.

Those businesses that offer prices that are too low are not to be trusted. After all, the value of gold is practically fixed, so its price is around the same figures almost in all the places of sale.

Finally, before acquiring this metal with a bank card, it will be necessary notify the entity of our accountsince these types of transactions are unusual and the box could block both the operation and the account.

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