The Complete Guide to Google Voice Conference Calling

The Complete Guide to Google Voice Conference Calling

Friends, you must have heard the name of Google Voice Conference Calling at one time or another. But do you know what it is and how Google Voice Conference Calling works, if you want to get more information related to it, then stay with this article till the end, so let’s start this article without delay Happened.

What is Google Voice Conference Calling ? 

Friends, let us tell you for your information that a Google conference call is an audio or video call in which many different types of participants are involved. You can hold and participate in conference calls on Google Voice, and you can talk to multiple people in one call.

And in that conference calling, you can put your words and ideas in front of them. People can join a meeting by dialing a number on their call touchpad, which will connect them to Google’s Conference Bridge. This bridge has virtual rooms, where many different people can meet or join the meeting.

Many people hold their meetings here. For your information, let us note that Google Voice uses Google Hangouts to complete conference calls, although you may need a separate, dedicated conference line in either app to properly host or join the call. is not required.

So when anyone makes a conference call through Google Voice, they’ll have a dedicated space in your account with anytime-anywhere access to host the conference call, then they can make the call and make your conference call.

Can complete. Through this topic, we told you what is Google Conference Call, let us now move on to the next topic and get new information about different features of Google Conference Call.

5 Tips for Google Voice Conference Calling 

Friends, let us tell you for your information that there are many tips and tricks for doing Google conference calling. But in this topic, we will tell you about five such tricks, using which you can do Google conference calling very easily, so let’s start this topic without delay.

Make sure everyone is aware of the conference call.

Guys you know very well that conference calls often take longer time which is one of the main reasons why everyone needs to clear their schedule before stopping on the call. Because of this reason you should make sure everyone knows about the conference call in advance.

Plus, different participants will know when and when to call your Google number. When you’re on a call, you can press 5 on your call touchpad to add each subsequent call. Did you know that you can create a Google Calendar invitation,

Where you combine all of Google Voice conference calling as an event before sending the invitation to your guests. Or you can also send them a message or email informing them of your intention to hold the conference call. Then everyone will know about Jaa ke call and everyone will be ready for it.

Optimize day-to-day workflows 

Did you know that Google Voice can be great for customizing all the daily workflows around scheduled conference calls. It has an admin control center that lets you customize things like number assignment, porting, call forwarding, auto attendance, and reeling, etc., all from one place.

You can assign all of your Google Voice numbers to different users and different people with just a few clicks. Please remember that the Platform is not compatible with third-party software outside the Google family. So don’t expect integrations with Helpdesk, CRM, or other different apps.

Link more phone numbers 

Google Voice users can use any other phone number to send and receive calls and messages to everyone. While you can link up to six or even 7 different phone numbers at once, you can’t link all numbers that are already linked to a different Google Voice account.

Should be Here we have told you how you can link a new and fresh phone number in Google Voice, so read and understand it carefully

Step 1. Open your account, and go to Settings.

Step 2. Select New Linked Number from the Linked Number menu, over there you will see and enter the new phone number you want to link here.

Step 3. Google will send a six digit OTP to that number. You will receive a text for a call to a mobile number and a landline number. Enter that code into Google Voice

Step 4. Click the Verify button.

And all! You have now linked a new number to Google Voice.

Detect and Deflect Spam 

You know very well that no one likes spam calls. However, they have become a daily occurrence with an increasing number of scammers and hackers and other thugs using spam to obtain your personal information. Spam not only exposes your team to potential scams, but it also kills productivity and creates all kinds of trouble.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about spam at all when making a conference call through Google Voice. Because it uses best-in-class artificial intelligence technology to automatically filter spam calls. You can also view your texts, spam calls, and voicemails from any other section of your Google Voice app.

Record calls for future use 

Did you know that Google Voice has a useful call recording feature that works great with just one click. All you have to do is press the number 4 on the dial pad of your call after all the participants are on the call.

An automatic announcement will run to all call participants and others, explaining that the call is being recorded, which is good enough for the future. If you want to stop the recording that started in your Google call, just press number 4 again.

You can also directly end the call to stop the recording.

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I hope that you have liked this article of mine very much and with the help of this article, you must have got information about Google Voice Conference Calling, In this article we have tried to tell you about every information related to Google Voice Conference Calling, using the simplest language possible.

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