what is Amazon Assistant (Alexa) And how does it work ?

what is Amazon Assistant (Alexa) And how does it work ?

Today, in the age of machine learning and artificial intelligence, many devices are being invented, which makes many of our works in the blink of an eye. In such a situation, Amazon Assistant (Alexa) is also one of those who answer our every question in seconds.

Earlier we had to type in the search engine on the computer to blur the answer to any question. With the same Alexa, we can get the answer to any question only through voice. So friends, let’s start this article without delay and get a lot of information related to Amazon Assistant.

What Is Amazon assistant – (What Is Alexa)

Amazon assistant is a software device which we can call virtual (digital) assistant. Amazon Assistant has been named Alexa by Amazon. Amazon bought assistant in 2013 and now Alexa is currently famous as Amazon Alexa, it works exactly like Google Assistant Alexa runs completely on AI i.e. artificial intelligence.

Alexa is a unique assistant that answers our questions in such a way that a person does not even feel that he is talking with a device. Alexa was initially launched on 6 November 2014. Amazon which is the world’s largest e-commerce website,

Alexa is also Amazon’s product, we can talk to Alexa about anything and ask questions like turn on Alexa AC, set Alexa alarm, Alexa tell the latest news today like this We can ask questions to Alexa.

Alexa works completely on Artificial Intelligence, which we call artificial intelligence in Hindi, Alexa is such an assistant that we can get any digital work done, but even today AI has not been so advanced that it can do every single task.

How does Amazon assistant works – (How Alexa works)

Friends, Amazon’s voice assistant requires internet to work. As we have learned that for Alexa to work, it must be connected to the Internet, because Alexa tells you the answers to all the questions you ask from the cloud-based servers and reaches you.

To activate Alexa, we have to call it by its name ie Alexa, it gets activated as soon as we hear this name and is ready to hear your voice through the microphone. Whatever you ask Alexa through voice, it finds answers to these questions in cloud-base servers and through the Internet,

Converts that data into voice and narrates it to you through the speaker in the girl’s voice. Example – Alexa tell what day is today, what is alexa network, what is alexa RAM, etc. You can ask questions, whatever it is in any subject.

Who made Amazon assistant ? – (Who made Alexa)

If you ask the question that who made you Amazon assistant aka Alexa, then Alexa will answer without hesitation, Amazon made me. But do you know, the creator of Alexa is an Indian named Rohit Prasad, who belongs to Ranchi, Jharkhand state.

Talking about his studies and degree, he had opportunities to go to IIT Roorkee during his engineering studies from DAV School of Ranchi, but he chose BIT Mesra because he preferred to stay in Ranchi.

In 1997, Rohit completed his degree in EC and went to the Illinois Institute of Technology in the US for MS in Electrical Engineering and was associated with BBN Technology for 14 years. In 2013, he joined Amazon and became the head of the ALEXA Artificial Intelligence Project. Went

how to use amazon assistant aka alexa ? 

if you are thinking of bringing alexa home and you are thinking that even if we buy alexa then what can it be useful for us or u say what are the benefits of alexa If you can, then let me tell you that Alexa is our personal voice assistant, with the help of which we can do a lot for us in our normal routine.

Believe me, if you are a technology lover or you do not like to get up again and again for any small task, then Alexa is the best for you. We can use Alexa in such a way that any question that comes to our mind, we can ask Alexa while sitting.

If our mind wants to listen to the song, then all we have to say is Alexa, listen to any Hindi or English song. Apart from this, if you call Alexa in the morning and night, then the smart lights of your house automatically turn off.

Along with this, you can control today’s weather information, the temperature of your AC through voice commands only. If not, you can call anyone in your contact through commands only. Can come in handy.


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I hope that you have liked this article of mine very much and with the help of this article, you must have got information about what is Amazon Assistant (Alexa) And how does it work. In this article, we have tried to tell you about every information related to Amazon Assistant (Alexa) using the simplest language possible.

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